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  1 ) reinforcing filler system

  CPE is a non- self -reinforcing rubber , reinforced the need for the system to achieve better strength . The general purpose

rubber and a reinforcing filler system is similar to the reinforcing agent , carbon black, silica based, silica can improve the tear

resistance of the CPE , and white system can be composed of a room to improve the adhesion and the skeleton CPE . CPE

has high filling , filling system is mainly calcium carbonate , talc , clay and the like.

  2 ) plasticizing system

  Aromatic ester type plasticizer is a plasticizer CPE most common plasticizers, such as dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP), diocty-l adipate (DOA), triphenyl trioctyl ester , aromatic oil , and their solubility parameters close to the CM , the compatibility is good.

Octyl phthalate (DOP) has been discontinued because of environmental issues . DOA, DOS can be given for the rubber compo-und rubber excellent cold resistance , DOS is very suitable for heat resistance, low temperature while under the requirements of the situation .

  3 ) protection system stability

  CPE when heated or in the vulcanization ( non-peroxide curing system ) prolapse when hydrogen chloride, for use in the formulation and therefore the stabilizer having a suction action of an acid , such as calcium stearate , barium stearate, tribasic le-ad sulfate or magnesia .

  4 ) curing system of CPE 

  CPE saturated rubber, universal ordinary sulfur vulcanization system can effectively cure them .

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